Universal Nutrition Animal M Stak 21 Paks

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Animal M-Stak is a natural supplement which helps boost anabolism and perfect for the classic “hardgainer” in all of us. It has long been built on a foundation of natural anabolic flavones. These substances mimic the actions of bodybuilding pharmaceuticals, but without the harsh and undesirable side effects. Born from Eastern European athletic studies, these anabolic flavones have long been highly touted as performance enhancers capable of eliciting dramatic gains in lean muscle mass. The new M-Stak formula combines the most potent of these anabolic compounds in more hearty dosages.

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The ultimate natural anabolic stak. Prohormone-free & ephedra-free. Methoxyisoflavone. Ecdysterone. Ipriflavone. Arginine. Ornithine. Triboxybol. ALC. & More. Natural flavones & sterones. LH boosters. Energy complex. DHT blockers. Liver detoxifiers. GF boosters. Insulin potentiators. Anti-aromatase inhibitors. Enhanced formula. In a short period of time, Animal Stak has become the world’s best-selling undisputed champion of all stacked anabolic training paks. However, due to certain anabolic ingredients, Animal Stak wasn’t suitable for everyone, especially drug-tested athletes. Today, there’s a prohormone and ephedra-free alternative to Animal Stak. Animal M Stack. Animal M Stack is a powerful and new natural anabolic training pak whose time has come. Thanks to Universal Nutrition’s research and development efforts and recent discoveries, Animal Methoxy Stak was born. Animal M Stak mimics the effects of anabolic pharmaceuticals by dramatically enhancing protein synthesis, nitrogen retention (positive nitrogen balance), and nutrition-partitioning, while simultaneously reducing muscle wasting? How? Animal M Stak can help potentiate your body’s production of all five anabolic hormones: (1) Testosterone; (2) Human Growth Hormone (hGH); (3) Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1); (4) Luteinizing Hormone (LH); and (5) Insulin. Best of all, Animal M Stak can do this without the androgenic side-effects associated with prohormone use or even over-stressing the liver. But Animal M Stak is more than just an anabolic primer. It can help your body block the conversion of testosterone to estrogen and dihydrotestosterone (DHT); support your liver; increase energy for unreal performance; and provide key vitamin and mineral support for your growing muscles. If you want to be an Animal, you’ve got to train like one. Now, you can without all the prohormones or ephedra.