Rashid Wasamwa Issa

Rashid 'Gift' Issa

Kenyan Top Bodybuilder - KBBS AMBASSADOR


Real names are “Rashid Wasamwa Issa”, Gift is a nickname for my superior genetics.

He began his athletic passion in 2007. He started as a sprinter, done boxing, played football until passion drove him to fitness.

For four years he has been working as an assistant to the head of security of a hotel in the city. He had to stick to night shift so that by 7:00 am asleep then wake up at 1:00pm, take his meals and go the gym in Parklands - Nairobi, after which he’d report to work at 8:30pm. So only had to see his family in the morning and during the weekends.
2015 was his year, he won two titles, Mr.Nairobi 1st light-heavy weight category and Mr.Kakamega county light-heavy category and overall winner.

Key Highlights:

  • 2008 Dec. Mr.Kericho 3rd place in middleweight category.
  • 2009 Dec. Mr.Kericho 2nd place middleweight category.
  • 2010 Jan. NTP Africa 4th place middleweight category.
  • 2010 Dec. Mr.Kericho 1st middleweight category 2nd place overall.
  • 2014 Nov. Mr.Nakuru 1st light-heavy category overall winner.
  • 2014 Nov. Mr.Kericho 1st light-heavy category 3rd place overall.
  • 2015 May Mr.Nairobi 1st light-heavy weight category overall winner.
  • 2015 Aug. Mr.Kenya 1st light-heavy category 3rd place overall.
  • 2015 Dec. Mr.Kakamega county 1st light-heavy category and overall winner.


Meal 1:

4 egg whites, minced basil, minced baby kale topped with 1 tsp. flax oil
1/3 cup cooked oat bran topped with ground cinnamon

Meal 2:
½ grapefruit – squeezed blended with 1 spring mint, 1 tbsp. lemon juice
1 hardboiled egg white topped with 1 tsp. olive or avocado oil
1 scoop of chocolate NITRO-TECH with 8 oz. of water

Meal 3:
2 cups salad mix topped with 1/3 cup cooked quinoa, lemon juice, cracked pepper
4 oz. chicken or turkey breast topped with sautéed asparagus, mushrooms, onions, red peppers only

Meal 4:
½ cup spaghetti squash plain
2 oz. remaining turkey breast
1 cup red and orange pepper slices, plain.

Meal 5:
2 cups salad mix topped with radishes, celery, cucumber, alfalfa, 4 blueberries, 1/3 cup cooked quinoa
3 oz. white fish topped with lemon juice, fresh herbs like dill, basil, cumin, turmeric

Meal 6:
1 cup arugula, 5 blueberries, dash of lemon juice
1/3 cup cottage cheese, 1 tsp. wheat germ, 5 almonds.


Legs/Glutes Spinning cardio warm-up
Chest and Biceps
Back and Glutes
Shoulders and Calves
Hamstring , Triceps and Abs
Rest Day



Pre Workout  – Muscletech Shatter SX7 BlackOnyx

Post Workout – Muscletech Nitro-Tech

Recovery – Muscletech Glutamine

Others – Muscletech Fish Oil