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    BSN Syntha 6 – 5LB

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    Syntha-6 is a premium protein that also features a premium taste. The protein mix of this product is multi-functional and each individual protein used within it has its own digestive rate and unique amino acid profiles. Such a combination provides muscle support for hours in a row as a complete set of proteins are available throughout the day, after the serving.

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    BSN SYNTHA-6 EDGE 2.3lb

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    SYNTHA-6 EDGE is a synthesis of premium proteins designed to give your muscles the protein they need to support recovery without the excess carbs and fat you may not want. This lean, protein packed shake delivers a milkshake-like experience that will have you convinced it’s your cheat day. Give your recovery the performance edge. Fuel your muscles and reward your taste buds with SYNTHA-6 EDGE.

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    • Ultra-premium super mass gainer
    • Over 1200 calories per serving
    • 50 grams of multi-source protein per serving
    • 215 grams of carbohydrates per serving, primarily rolled oats
    • BCAAs and other essential and non-essential amino acids
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